Harmonika Balkana / Balkan Accordion 1 (Vlada Veselinovic)

Vlada Veselinovic
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Sheet music for melodies composed and performed by great artists and masters of the accordion. These selected compositions contain all the stylistic elements of the Balkans folk music, precisely and accurately transcribed. All ornaments are marked in small notes along with the main note, so that there is no confusion about the performance of the ornamentation. The fingering for piano accordion is marked above each note is recorded. Complete harmony is also marked.

CONTENTS: Valjevsko sitno (T. Miljic), Majdanska Vlajna (S. Bozinovic), Hora Lui Andrei (L. Nika), Ilindensko oro (T. Miljic), Metodijevo kolo (J. Petkovic), Srbijanski cacak (C. Ljubenovic), Vlaski pojas (S. Bozinovic), Maradonka kolo (T. Miljic), Serbian dance (B. Prodanovic), Milankino kolo (Lj. Radosavljevic), Severnjacko kolo (I. Lolov), Jelino kolo (M. A. Kemis).

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Harmonika Balkana / Balkan Accordion 1 (Vlada Veselinovic)

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